Wednesday, January 1, 2014


This was a meme that popped up on Facebook back in March:

Here's how I responded:

"Hello, I'm the Auditor. I audit Time itself."

"Oh, no, this is my first incarnation, I haven't regenerated... yet!" *

"What? What's wrong with my blue jeans?"

"Sadly, I travel alone at the moment."**

"Well, I say 'Sure thing!' a lot..... I suppose agreeing like that all the time will no doubt keep me in trouble!" (rewritten a bit....)

But as I type this up for "Who's On First", I realize "Be seeing you" and "Stay out of trouble" (from my "Tobocop" days) are two phrases I use a lot.  Oh well.  Shouldn't be tied down to one when three is my lucky number!


* The last digit is "0".
** I don't have a cell phone (as I write this), so I don't text......

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