Thursday, May 6, 2010


I had to "go overseas" to find out about this new promo from USA Network! (But then, when it comes to Rob Buckley's site "The Medium Is Not Enough", I'm visiting it several times a day. You'll find the link to the left, Team Toobworld.)

USA Network has built up a nice little TV dimension of its own with all of its promotional crossovers. It would have been nice to keep them all in the main Toobworld, but the addition of 'The Dead Zone', with its alternate President and Vice President in the later seasons, threw that idea out of whack.

So here's their latest addition, combining 'Burn Notice' with 'Royal Pains', in probably the most logical way possible due to the locations for both shows - by phone.

Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly has
three of the other videos in the series. The first combines 'Burn Notice' with 'White Collar'; the second has 'White Collar' bellying up to the bar with 'Psych', and the third has 'White Collar' sharing a table with 'WWE Raw'.

Ecce Promo!

[Thanks, Rob!]


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