Sunday, May 2, 2010


In "Standing Room Only", one of the episodes of 'The Roaring 20's' which I watched at the Paley Center for Media after learning of the death of Dorothy Provine, there was a gambler/loan shark named Benny Mapes. Mapes had loaned Broadway producer Sheldon Farrington $10,000.00 in 1921 (thereabouts) and was willing to plant Farrington in cement shoes if he didn't get a return on his investment.

It could be that Mapes' father was a criminal named Art Mapes. And is so often the case in Toobworld, there was an incredible similarity in the tele-genetics of Art and Benny Mapes.

If they were father and son, the acorn didn't fall far from the tree. Art Mapes went to Canada in the early 1900's to help Maizie Atwater search for the will of her late husband. Their plan was to destroy the will so that his grand-daughter Jill couldn't inherit his estate. (Luckily, 'Sergeant Preston Of The Yukon' was able to stop them.)

Thousands of years later in the Toobworld timeline (circa 10,191 AG - "After Guild"), a Fremen on the Planet Arrakis served as the head housekeeper for the Imperial Residence in Arrakeen. Her name was Mapes and her honorary title was "Shadout". (It means "well-dipper.")

When Dr. Wellington Yueh realized that the Shadout Mapes knew he was the traitor in Atreides retinue, he killed her.

Any continuation of the exact lineage that links Art Mapes to the Shadout Mapes through his alleged son Benny is probably lost to the future ages......

As always, this is pure speculation.

Lewis Charles (seen here in an episode of 'Burke's Law') played both Art Mapes in 'Sergeant Preston Of The Yukon' and Benny Mapes in 'The Roaring 20's'. Jaroslova Siktancova played the Shadout Mapes in the TV mini-series of 'Dune'. BCnU!

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