Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I don't think it's ever come up in 'Modern Family', but I believe Claire and Phil Dunphy were both idealists when they were young newlyweds, ready to lend their voices to causes they supported. And in the beginning, they probably did what they could to show the world that they cared.

As time went on, I think Phil remained the cockeyed optimist, but Claire has become a bit more jaundiced due to the demands of a family which would splash reality all over her idealism.

Why do I have that idea about Phil and Claire when they were first starting out? Because of their daughters, Haley and Alex. I think the Dunphys gave the girls those names in tribute to the author Alex Haley and the powerful message in his novel "Roots" - even if they aren't black themselves.

And like "Roots", 'Modern Family' is a strong advocate for a strong family center covering several generations.

Or I'm just full of crap. That's probably more like it. After all, if I really believed that, I never would have cut their younger brother Luke out of the picture.....


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