Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Faithful followers of Inner Toob may have noticed that every so often I write about my friend and "twin" Shirley Jordan. She's an actress whom I've used to connect several shows in Toobworld.

Well, to hell with her. No offense, but today we're tooting the horn of her sister, Jeanetta Gonzalez!

Rather than have me blather on about her talent, her website can do it just as well:

Jeanetta Gonzales is a freelance designer based in Los Angeles and works under the name, Nettdesigns Inc. With degrees in fine art and graphic design as well as extensive course study in surface design, Jeanetta has worked as a graphic designer for 10 years.

Jeanetta has worked for companies big and small, designingfor industries such as healthcare (WebMD), television advertising (Johnson and Murphy Advertising) and toys (Mattel). It was during her time working at MaCher when she developed a love of surface design and branding. There she designed gift packaging and branding for "gift with purchase" items for companies such as Juicy Couture, Macy's, Sexy Hair, Brooks Running Shoes, and Hanae Mori perfume.

She describes her design style as playful and textural. Her background in fine art and graphic design allow herto create work by hand and transform it digitally. Check outher Blog to see her latest work, news and design inspiration.

Her studio, Nettdesigns Inc. provides services in:
Graphic Design
Surface Design
Textile Design
Art Direction
Announcements, Invitations & Greeting Cards
Identity Design
Marketing Materials
Product Illustrations
Web Design Concepting (front end)

Here are some examples of her work:

(As expected, I chose those that were TV-oriented.)

Looking through her samples of product design, I'm hoping Jeanetta gets the chance to design fictional products that would one day show up in various TV shows. I'm sure there are plenty of prop houses out there in La La Land (The only one I know about is
Studio Graphics.) who could use her talents.

Anyway, every so often I step away from analyzing life within the television reality and treat this blog as a personal venue. And this is one of those times. Who knows? There may be an "Inner Toob" reader out there who might be in the position to offer Jeanetta the chance to strut her stuff.

She may yet bring us the next great Toobworld prop - something to rival the Morley's cigarette pack.......

I hope you can check out her site for Nettdesigns, Inc.....


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