Saturday, May 8, 2010


When Liz Lemon found out that her Mom had given up on her true love, Buzz Aldrin, she was compelled to go talk to the former astronaut and hear his version of what happened.

Appearing as himself, the former astronaut and second man on the Moon provided the League of Themselves link between '30 Rock' and the following shows and TV movies:

'The Fall Guy'

'The Boy In The Plastic Bubble'

'Da Ali G Show'


'Space Ghost: Coast To Coast'

'Head Of The Class'

'Punky Brewster'


'Sesame Street'

His appearance on 'The Simpsons' took place in the Tooniverse, of course, and there is no connection - unlike the 'Space Ghost: Coast To Coast' episode where he was getting beamed into the Tooniverse from back on Earth Prime-Time.

I'm such a geek......


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