Thursday, May 6, 2010


We're continuing our look at Winston Churchill, "As Seen On TV", with the runner-up in the most appearances as played by one actor.....


Robert Hardy


"Agatha Christie Marple: The Sittaford Mystery" (2006)

"Bomber Harris" (1989)

"The Woman He Loved" (1988)

'War and Remembrance'
Part I (13 November 1988)
Part 2 (15 November 1988)
Part 3 (16 November 1988)
Part 4 (17 November 1988)
Part 5 (20 November 1988)
Part 6 (22 November 1988)
Part 7 (23 November 1988)
Part 8 (7 May 1989)
Part 9 (8 May 1989)
Part 10 (9 May 1989)
Part 11 (10 May 1989)
Part 12 (14 May 1989)

"Winston Churchill: The Wilderness Years" (1981)

Even though Churchill historian Richard M. Langworth has declared Robert Hardy's televersion of Churchill to be the most convincing, it can't be considered for the main Toobworld because Geraldine McEwan's portrayal of Miss Marple is located in an alternate TV dimension. But then, he was "doomed" for such banishment long before that with his involvement in 'War And Remembrance' (always thought that to be a horrid title). There were too many major recastaways in that sequel to 'The Winds of War': Hart Bochner for Jan-Michael Vincent as Byron Henry, Sir John Gielgud for John Houseman as Aaron Jastrow, Michael Woods for Ben Murphy as Warren Henry, and Jane Seymour for Ali McGraw as Natalie Jastrow, just for starters.

So even though 'The Winds Of War' and 'War And Remembrance' both follow the same storyline, our point of view as the audience in the "Trueniverse" switches over between them to a different TV dimension. The same thing happened with another story involving Churchill which we mentioned earlier this week - "The Gathering Storm" and "Into The Storm". (And the same could be said for Ben Murphy's best-known series, 'Alias Smith And Jones'.) Add to this yet another variation on the story of Edward VIII's abdication for the love of Wallis Simpson ("The Woman He Loved"), and what other choice is there but to relocate Robert Hardy's Churchill to an alternate Earth Prime-Time?

But being a big fan of Hardy's, at least his portrayal of Henry V from 'The Age Of Kings' remains in the main Toobworld.

I'm sure he'll sleep better at night, knowing that..... BCnU!

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