Monday, February 22, 2010


Throughout history, there were only two Gingers who weren’t prostitutes…
Ginger Rogers and Ginger from Gilligan’s Island.
And I still have my suspicions about the latter.
In fact, Gus, I’ve made my decision:
she was a filthy, pirate hooker.”
Shawn Spencer

Man, that sounds like he made a Zonk, doesn't it?

Wrong, Pineapple Breath!

Shawn was not referring to a TV character in an infamous TV series of the 1960's. He was referring to an actress in Toobworld named Ginger Grant. Her fame comes mostly from a seismic event in her life rather than from her movies - along with six other castaways, she was stranded on a desert isle with no phone, no lights, no motor car, not a single luxury.

It wasn't until the mid-1970's when she and the other passengers from the SS Minnow were finally rescued that the rest of Toobworld finally learned what had happened to them all. And since Shawn has such a love of pop culture references, and since 'Gilligan's Island' is such a Zonk-fount, I think a TV movie was eventually made, detailing their experiences while on that island.

(One of the topics covered may have been the splainin as to why Ginger Grant's physical features changed between the last episode of 'Gilligan's Island' and the first TV movie reunion. In the real world, we know it was from recasting. But within the "reality" of Toobworld? I'm leaning toward exposure to radiation from a meteor that crashed on the island....)

As for Shawn's conviction that Ginger was a dirty, dirty girl, it's probably based on assumption due to the types of clothes she was forced to wear in her movies and on publicity shoots. We saw in that first reunion movie that she had no interest in the more salacious style of film-making that was in vogue since she had gone. But that's how it is with Shawn - after all, this is a guy who didn't know the correct term for a Hazmat suit. He called it a "Cumbersome Stay Puft Protective Suit"......



Anonymous said...

Hi Toby. I clicked on comments (with a number in front of the word) and here I am, ready to comment. "Lost" is everywhere for the real fan.
More after tomorrow, "Lost" night, and NCIS night too. How come they have to compete?

Toby O'B said...

LOL - did you see the Twitter comment that Damon Lindelof made about NCIS: Los Angeles?

Anonymous said...

No Toby. I have twitter but I didn't find out yet how to use it!!!!Je suis une idiote hahaha!