Sunday, February 21, 2010


Twice during the episode "Partners In Crime" on 'Burn Notice', Sam Axe used his alias of Chuck Findley to impersonate a Crime Scene Investigator at a fashion firm. Each time he would pull out his sunglasses and spout some spiffy line as he put them on. Something along the lines of:

"The killer's plan is coming apart at the seams."

A lot of people see this as a meta-joke on the way David Caruso delivers his closing line in the opening scene of each 'CSI: Miami' episode. However, the way I see it here at Toobworld Central, Sam was actually mimicking Lt. Horatio Caine of the Miami CSI. It's entirely possible that at some point, unseen by the home audience in the Trueniverse, Sam has met Horatio and already knew how he acted at a crime scene.

Plausible, right?

(My various sources for the video won't be posting it for nearly a week, so I can't get the actual shot of Sam as a "lowly crime scene investigator" just yet....)


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