Friday, February 26, 2010


I usually avoid commenting on TV pilot news - if the shows don't get picked up, then there's nothing that affects Earth Prime-Time. But A&E is going into production with a new series to debut this summer, based on its pilot (giving it a 13 episode commitment).

'Sugarloaf' is a one-hour drama starring Matt Passmore as detective Jim Longworth, transplanted from Chicago to Florida. And it will have a small impact on Toobworld.....

Here's the description from The Hollywood Reporter:
The Fox TV Studios drama centers on Jim Longworth (Passmore), a brilliant-but-difficult Chicago homicide detective who's wrongfully accused of sleeping with his former captain's wife and forced into exile. Longworth relocates to Sugarloaf, a sleepy Gulf Coast resort town in Florida where life can be less beautiful than it first seems.
So tele-Florida gets itself a new town, Sugarloaf.
It already has:

Fort Bendix ('The Army Show')

Truro ('Flamingo Road')

Coral Key Park ('Flipper')

Deepwater ('Maximum Bob')

Magic Beach ('Safe Harbor')

Key Mariah ('Sweating Bullets')

I don't think the location of 'Cougar Town' has ever been identified in the show, although the local high school team is named "The Cougars".....

[My thanks to TVAcres for the location info and to The Medium Is Not Enough for pointing out the story. Both links can be found to your left, Amigos.)



Andy said...

The setting for "Cougar Town" is Gulfhaven, FL. It's supposed to be located in Sarasota County. Some have it as two words (Gulf Haven), but the police cars in one episode had it as one word.

Toby O'B said...

Thanks, Andy! Say hi to Ellie for me... LOL

I like the sound of Gulf Haven; it feels right. Nothing worse than a town name that doesn't fit - like a Stars Hollow in Connecticut. The Hollow part was fine, but that combination sounded like some hippie commune rather than an old established Ct. town.....