Sunday, February 21, 2010


There are some Toobworld characters who have doppelgangers in the Tooniverse - Fonzie, Mork, Punky Brewster, the Bradys, for example - but it's not often when an original Tooniverse character of pen and ink gets a counterpart of flesh and blood: 'The Tick', for one. (And yes, I know it began as a comic book first. But as I stated earlier, comic books have their own universe and are not connected to Earth Prime-Time. Toobworld and the Tooniverse may be different dimensions, but they share the same universe.) I'm trying to catch up on 'Smallville' episodes this season, now that I've seen the two-hour "movie" about the Justice Society of America from a few weeks ago. Even though 'Smallville' takes place in an alternate TV dimension (And I'm staking it in the 'West Wing' dimension!), and so shouldn't be required viewing for me, I've found that at least this season is calling out to the inner Comic Book Guy in me.

So this week, they repeated an episode from November, one which introduced the Wonder Twins, Zan & Jayna, into the TV Universe.

Here's an edited recap of the episode "Idot" from Wikipedia:

Zan and Jayna appeared in the 'Smallville' season nine episode, "Idol", which aired on November 13 2009. Zan was played by David Gallagher and Jayna by Allison Scagliotti. Though not explicitly labeled as aliens, the two are implied to be from another world and claim to be of Swedish descent in order to explain their odd sounding names. The Twins are portrayed as being obsessed with "The Blur" (the name given to Clark Kent before he officially adopts the Superman identity), and attempt to impersonate him in order to build up his positive reputation. After this, the Twins are encouraged by Clark to continue their super heroics outside of Metropolis, albeit on their reputations rather than attempting to emulate him.

It's nice to see that their reputations - savaged by viewers of 'Super-Friends' - is partially salvaged with this appearance.
When they finally debuted in the DC Universe comics, they were from the planet Exxor, but that doesn't necessarily have to hold true for their televersions.

As I said, Zan and Jayna exist in an alternate TV dimension and so won't cause any Zonks for Earth Prime-Time. But it is amusing to know that they're out there... "in the flesh".

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