Saturday, February 27, 2010


I caught a 1961 episode of 'Bonanza' Thursday, which had as the guest stars Dean Jones, Rusty Lane, Norman Alden, Edward Faulkner, Janet Lake, and Stafford Repp (the future Chief O'Hara on 'Batman'). It was called "The Friendship", but with a bit of tweaking and the right romantic music, it should have had quotations marks directly around the word "Friendship", because this episode would make a great springboard for slash-fic.

I'm assuming most of my readers know what slash-fic is. From the Urban Dictionary: "Slash Fiction is the portrayal of a perceived homosexual relationship between two lead characters in a popular continuity."

In this case, the couple would be Little Joe Cartwright, one of the main characters of 'Bonanza' and Danny Kidd, played by guest star Dean Jones. 23 year old Danny had been in the Yuma Territorial Prison since he was thirteen. One day he was able to save Little Joe's life and the youngest Cartwright repaid the debt by getting Danny released with an amnesty as his responsibility.

From that point on, if edited correctly, one could get a very romantic, very gay, music video out of it.

Some of the dialogue could be mixed into the loop as well.....

What do you think you can do for me?
Little Joe:
You just try me.

Little Joe:
Danny and I are going to get along real fine.
I don't like anybody coming up behind me, quiet-like.
Little Joe:
We're having a party up at the house for Old Man Carter....
You gonna be there?
You askin'?
Little Joe:
Yeah, I'm askin'.
I'll be there.

I'm not too good at socializing with girls.
Looks like they taught that boy lots of things in prison.
Little Joe:
Come on, I'll get you some punch......
I'm for bed. How about you guys?

You want it real bad, dontchu?
That's what I'm here for, little friend.
I bet you never held a girl in your arms... or kissed.
No, Miss Carter. I've never kissed a girl.

You're always set on going off half-cocked, ain't ya, little brother?

I'm not a fanficcer myself, certainly not a slash-ficcer. (At least not since I was a teenager and wrote up a story where the crew of the Enterprise got it on with the Robinsons on board the Jupiter 2!) I'm just an enabler; if someone wants to take this idea and run with it, be my guest.

For alls I know, somebody already has!


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