Wednesday, July 15, 2009


For the second week of July, 2009, our TV Crossover Hall of Fame inductee is an historical personage as per our 10th anniversary theme this year. And since July is one of the months in which we celebrate the Western, I've chosen Lew Wallace as the inductee.
I wrote about Wallace last year as part of the salute to Charlton Heston after he died. Wallace had written the novel "Ben Hur" which was made into a movie starring Heston.

As Governor, General, or author, Lew Wallace has been portrayed on television several times over:

Rene Auberjonois (Gov. Lew Wallace) . . . Longarm (1988) (TV)
Wilford Brimley (Gov.Lew Wallace) . . . Billy the Kid (1989) (TV)

Matt Crowley (I) (General Lew Wallace) . . . "Philco Television Playhouse, The" (1948)
{The Death of Billy the Kid (#7.23)} TV Series
Frank Ferguson (I) (Lew Wallace) . . . "Tall Man, The" (1960)
{The Great Western (#1.37)} TV Series

Len Hendry (General Lew Wallace) . . . "Branded" (1965)
{A Destiny Which Made Us Brothers (#2.19)} TV Series

Forrest Lewis (Gen. Lew Wallace) . . . "Bronco" (1958)
{Death of an Outlaw (#2.13)} TV Series

Dayton Lummis (Lew Wallace) . . . "Death Valley Days" (1952)
{Shadows on the Window (#8.19)} TV Series
Cameron Mitchell (I) (Gen. Lew Wallace) . . . Andersonville Trial, The (1970) (TV)

Robert Warwick (I) (Governor Lew Wallace) . . . "Law of the Plainsman" (1959)
{Amnesty (#1.27)} TV Series


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