Tuesday, July 14, 2009


My subway rides home in the morning are a great source of inspiration when it comes to Toobworld ideas. Which helps keep me from falling asleep and missing my stop!

Today I came up with a great way for HBO to cross over two of its sitcoms, which I'm throwing out there for some network suit to come along and steal. I'm just in it to better the world of the Toob, baby. Let somebody else grab the glory. (Before they're nibbled to death by ducks.)

'Entourage' takes place mostly in Hollywood, sometimes back home in Queens for the lads, and 'Hung' is set in the suburbs of Detroit. But the characters don't even have to meet to make this crossover work!

On 'Hung', I figure eventually Ray Dekker's moonlighting as a male escort will get him into trouble with the Law. It will probably lead to his exposure as a high school teacher and coach, and word of his huge tool will probably leak out as well.

It might not get much public notice outside of the Detroit area, but I think E, Vince Chase's manager, will somehow see the news coverage and realize that here's a story which would be perfect to develop into a movie for his boy Vince. A deal would be brokered by Ari with Ray's "pimp" Tanya for Ray's life story, and hopefully a movie could be made in which Vincent Chase plays Ray Drecker.
There ya go, HBO. Run it up whichever pole you like....


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