Friday, July 17, 2009


Two series came back in my personal viewing area this week, which made me a very happy Vidiot.

First up, the second season of 'Leverage' on TNT, with the gang now working out of Boston (although it's filmed in Portland). And then there's the return of 'Kingdom' on WLIW-21, the Long Island PBS station.

'Kingdom' showed the first two episodes from the first season this week, but that's fine with me - I only first saw the show with the last episode of Season One on the last go-round. I fell in love with the quirky little town of Market Shipborough (reminiscent of Cicely, Alaska, ['Northern Exposure'] and Rome, Wisconsin, ['Picket Fences']).

And because I watched the episodes from both shows, it put me in mind of this possible Theory of Relateeveety Wish-Craft:

Should an episode of 'Leverage' ever need to cast someone to play Sophie Devaraux's mother on 'Leverage', then they should bring over Phyllida Law, who plays Aunt Auriel in 'Kingdom'.
Hopefully somebody out there will see this and take me up on the idea!


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