Saturday, July 18, 2009


I always say that TV can be a learning tool, no matter what the show. And aside from being an anarchist's cookbook, 'Burn Notice' is also good as a substitute for Berlitz.

On Thursday night I learned that the Russian word for "hardass" is "yctynkи". However, I checked it out at Babel Fish and it's actually more like "трудный ишак".

Meh. It's all geek to me......



Andy said...

I wondered the same thing. When I looked up "уступки," the translation I found is "yield," "cede," or "acquiesence." Some don't even recognize the word.

hizman said...

Guys, it didn't take me even a second to see that it was a joke. Apparently, the script writer called somebody to translate a few words. The contact must have been very annoyed because those smaller favours usually go unpaid and unreturned. He could have given a bad word but he was satisfied with innocent standard word of the opposite meaning.

P.S. Уступки means compromises.