Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I haven't done a Fanficcer's Friend post in a while; but with the passing of Karl Malden two weeks ago, I think I've found a good example to revive the theme.....

I've seen fanfic out there for 'The West Wing', a lot of it of course by shippers dedicated to Josh and Donna. But should anybody be inspired to write about the life of Jed Bartlet before he became President in his alternate TV dimension, then they might consider using Father Tom Cavanaugh as one of the characters.

Father Tom was the Bartlets' parish priest back in New Hampshire who was summoned to advise President Bartlet in the episode "Take This Sabbath Day". But how long has he known Jed Bartlet? Could it go back to the 1950s? If somebody wants to write fanfic about those younger days of Jed Bartlet in which he first met Father Tom, here's a picture of Karl Malden from "On The Waterfront", which could be used to illustrate the story.

With "Fanficcer's Friend", we never use pictures from other TV shows and then claim that it's for a different character played by that actor. (Although it is tempting sometimes.) But as most movies are from a different universe born of Mankind's creative spark, then they're fair game.

One last tip of the hat to the late, great Karl Malden.......


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