Sunday, July 12, 2009


I was going to say that save for 'Benson', Jerry Seinfeld has only played himself in Toobworld, but a quick look at his IMDb page shows otherwise: a sitcom I never heard of from 1999 called 'Pros & Cons', a TV movie titled "The Ratings Game", and over in the Tooniverse, he made a guest appearance on 'Dilbert'.

But generally, Jerry Seinfeld plays himself in Toobworld, with his own series, several cameo guest spots like on 'Mad About You', 'NewsRadio', '30 Rock' and most recently 'Head Case'. (Apparently the entire cast of 'Seinfeld' will be reunited in an episode of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' coming... whenever.)

Seinfeld's also made his mark in TV commercials, which can be included into his Toobworld tally - especially his tour of Metropolis with the Tooniverse Superman seen in a classic American Express blipvert.

And now, apparently, Jerry Seinfeld is on the road in Australia, looking somewhat like a high-tech street person as he travels about with his shopping cart to promote Greater Building Society.

Here's the commercial, entitled "60 Sec. Minimum":


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