Saturday, July 18, 2009


Even the quirkly little hamlet of Market Shipborough, seen in 'Kingdom', is a breeding ground for Zonks. In the second episode of the first season (another Brit show with no episode titles - I HATE that!), Peter Kingdom was trying to get information out of a phone company about who made a call to his brother's cell phone. But because he wasn't his brother Simon, they wouldn't give him the information - even though Simon had been missing for six months and presumed dead.

But they'd probably give it to him if he was Inspector Frosty-Morsey, Peter said.

It's O'Bvious to us as the audience viewing at home in the Trueniverse that he was making a reference to the TV and/or book characters of Inspector Frost and Inspector Morse (played respectively by David Jason and John Thaw in their separate series0.

But that can't be assumed for characters living in Toobworld, sharing the same plane of existence with those two detectives.

I doubt that Peter was referring to an actual Detective Inspector named Frosty-Morsey. Not even if that was a variant of the real name. (Frostimorcie? Really?) I'm going to say that within the reality of the TV Universe it was just a nonsensical name that the lawyer thought up (being too polite to say what he really wanted to.....)


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