Monday, March 9, 2009


In the blog post "Cheyenne: A Lust Story", I wrote the following:

In the 'Cheyenne' episode of "War Party", Cheyenne Bodie found himself attracted to the wife of a man he had shot in self-defense. Her name was Jeannie, and she felt the pull as well, offering herself to him willingly.

Cheyenne backed off at the last moment; however, he admitted that he wasn't strong enough (morally) to do so. It was just the thought that her husband, Morgan, was lying in the next room, a man he shot, that kept him from taking her.

Earlier on Sunday I watched the 'Cheyenne' episode "The Storm Riders", in which Mrs. Sheila Denbrow tried to give herself to Cheyenne, but he wouldn't have anything to do with her.

Mrs. Denbrow:
"What are you, a saint?"
Cheyenne Bodie:
"Far from it."

It was just that in this case, there was just something patently offensive about Mrs. Denbrow, which her husband couldn't see. But it still could be inferred from Cheyenne's response that he wasn't above enjoying the favors offered by lonely wives across the frontier. And if so, there's a good chance a lot of TV characters farther down the TV timeline could claim Cheyenne Bodie as an ancestor - if only it was acknowledged by the family.... And under the circumstances, that's not very likely.

Toby O'B

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