Monday, March 9, 2009


Since we're in the middle of the Lenten season, I thought the historical figure that we should induct into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame for March should be Pope John Paul II. And the best part is that if we only concentrate on just the televersion of John Paul as played by Gene Greytak, we have one of the most important "linkers" ever to enter the Hall.

Just check out this list of credits:

'Alf' (a dream sequence of the 'Tonight' show)
'Ally McBeal'
'Golden Girls'
'Picket Fences'
'The Wayans Brothers'
'Night Court'
'Just The Ten Of Us'
'Murphy Brown'
'Everybody Loves Raymond'
'The Father Dowling Mysteries'
(Although I'm not sure he appeared in the actual show, or else just a promo blipvert for it. But either way, such promos are considered part of Toobworld, or at the very least one of its alternate versions.)
Gene Greytak is also Pope John Paul II in Skitlandia, uniting such shows as:

'The Arsinio Hall Show'
'In Living Color'
'The Phil Donahue Show'
'Comic Relief'
'Philly After Midnight'

And although Mr. Greytak played the part in several movies, the most important one would be "Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult", which was a continuation of 'Police Squad'

He can also be seen in commecials for:

American Savings Bank
Arec Athletic Training Equipment Co.
Swedish Coffee

With a resume like that, you can see why Gene Greytak as the Pope deserves the honor. He will also serve as the official portrait of the Pope for Toobworld.

And this list would not have been possible without the help of fellow Crossoverite RAF, and from Hugh......

Thanks guys!

Toby O'B

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