Tuesday, March 10, 2009


In "The Storm Riders", 'Cheyenne' Bodie worked as a ranch hand for John Denbrow, his second wife Sheila, and his daughter Johnnie. There was an attraction between Cheyenne and 17 year old Johnnie; he even offered to stay on for a while longer, perhaps entertaining the idea that something might come of their interest in each other. But Johnnie sent him on his way - she knew he wasn't the type to be held down to any one place for very long. And besides, she felt ready to stand on her own as an adult, now that her father had died.

So Cheyenne Bodie wouldn't figure into the family tree of Johnnie Denbrow, but it's the Toobworld theory of Relateeveety that eventually she did marry and have children. And one of her grandsons would grow up to become a police detective in the Los Angeles homicide division.

If the theory is viable, in a world where genetic echoes are especially strong in succeeding generations, that grandson would be Sgt. Lester Hart, as seen on 'Burke's Law'.....

Toby O'B

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