Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Monday night was a great night for the League of Themselves: Summer Glau rode the train with the four "squints" of 'The Big Bang Theory', and in the premiere of 'Castle', "Master of the Macabre" Rick Castle played poker with fellow scribes James Patterson and Stephen J. Cannell.

Both authors could have been major Zonks for Toobworld. But luckily Patterson only mentioned his character of Alex Cross who was played by Morgan Freeman in two theatrically-released movies. What could have happened was that he might have mentioned the series of books about 'The Women's Murder Club', which was also a series on ABC like 'Castle'.

It wouldn't have been an insurmountable Zonk - we could have claimed that he wrote fictionalized versions of their exploits, true crime novels a la Capote's "In Cold Blood". But it's nice to just avoid that headache altogether.

As for Cannell, I found it hard to pick up exactly which of his characters he was talking about (even with repeated listens), but I think it may have been Shane Scully. It could have been any one of his numerous TV productions that he mentioned instead, so that kept me from being inundated from de-Zonking chores.

Stephen J. Cannell also provided several links to other shows for 'Castle' in his role as a member of the League of Themselves. He's appeared as his own televersion in the shows 'Tenspeed And Brown Shoe' ("This One's Gonna Kill Ya") and 'V.I.P.' ("Get Vallery"). So with three series under his belt, Cannell is eligible for membership one day in the TV Crossover Hall of Fame.

Toby O'B

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