Thursday, March 12, 2009


It's difficult for me to watch TV like everybody else; I can't just let it wash over me for the mindless entertainment it was meant to be. My mind is always percolating, wondering what happens after the story ends, where do the characters go from that point on in their lives - even the ones who are just one-shot guest roles.

I've mentioned here in the last few days that I'm watching episodes of 'Cheyenne' via Netflix. And in one of them, "Julesburg", we got to meet a young boy named Tommy Scott. During a cattle stampede, his older brother and guardian was killed; by the end of the episode, Tommy was basically adopted by townsfolk Virgil and Jeremy Barnes. (Not pioneers in that sense - "Jeremy" happened to be the wife's name.) Cheyenne said that they'd get in touch with Tommy's relatives, but the boy hoped they'd never show up to claim him. So I couldn't help wonder how Tommy Scott turned out in his Toobworld life. Was he adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Barnes and take their name? Did he remain a Scott? What did he do in Colorado once he grew up?

There was a scene in the first half of the episode where Tommy first met Jeremy Barnes, and she showed him how a typewriter worked. He seemed fascinated by its pozz'bilities, so if I was crafting a life for him, I'd follow that line - make him a frontier newspaperman or a writer along the same lines as Mark Twain.

I checked the for the variations on "Tommy Scott" and did find a "Tom Scott" in an episode of 'The Lone Ranger'. I couldn't find any more information about "Desperado at Large", other than it was about a lynch mob out to hang an undercover agent. I have no idea what kind of man that Tom Scott was, so I don't know whether I'd want him to be Tommy grown up or not.

But it was also a 'Lone Ranger' episode which starred John Hart as the Masked Man. In Toobworld's mythos, Clayton Moore played the actual Lone Ranger; John Hart's episodes are from the TV show based on his life that was watched by the citizenry of Toobworld. (This splains the appearances by John Hart as the Lone Ranger in various episodes of 1980's TV, like 'Happy Days' and 'The Fall Guy'.) So if it was supposed to be the same Tommy Scott, it was an actor playing the grown-up Tommy on a Toobworld TV show.

Confused? I have that effect sometimes.....

Toby O'B

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