Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I always enjoy reading TV reviewers and columnists who write in a Toobworld frame of mind, even if they don't realize it. And today I came across two examples which brought a smile.

First up is Keith McDuffie in his Clique Claque TV article about the Vikings in those Capital One commercials. (When they were dealing with just credit cards, I called them Visa-Goths.)

McDuffie offers his vision of a Geico Cavemen-styled sitcom for the berserkers:

"Here’s a possible premise for you: the largest credit card company in the world, Uppercase Two, is losing money. In order to fix the situation, the company’s CEO — who’s actually the Viking god Loki — calls upon the god Odin for help “like the old days.” To both help and punish Loki, Odin sends him one-hundred Viking warriors from the ninth century. Hilarity ensues!"

There have been worse premises.....

And then Nicholas Fonseca, writing for Entertainment Weekly, had a crossover moment while puzzling over the series finale for 'The L Word':

"As series finales go, this one was a head-scratcher. The tone felt heavy and ominous, and all that moody music was making me wonder when The Log Lady and The Man From Another Place would come sashaying through a scene."

Toby O'B

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