Wednesday, September 17, 2008


HBO's new series, 'True Blood', added a new tick to the Toobworld timeline: in 2006, the human blood substitute drink "Tru-Blood" was introduced on the market. The intention was that it would eliminate the need for vampires to feast on humans for their sustenance.However, as we saw in the cliff-hanger ending for the second episode, some vampires still prefer the real thing.

I think this could be analogous to a chain smoker not getting enough of a fix from the nicotine patches and gum.

So this suggestion could help splain away a potential Zonk outside of the show and in the TV Universe at large. If "Tru-Blood" existed in Toobworld by 2006, then why didn't we see private eye/vampire Mick St. John drinking it in the CBS show 'Moonlight'?I think the answer is that Mick may have had the drink in his fridge, but we just never saw it. (Although when we did get to see inside his refrigerator, he must have been fresh out of Tru-Blood.) And he obviously preferred the real thing anyway, because we did see that he drank from the supply that he bought off an inside source at the blood bank.
Toby O'B


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