Thursday, September 18, 2008


Last Sunday I DVR'd the 'Remington Steele' episode "Small Town Steele" so that I could get the name of that small California town to add to the Toobworld map. It showed up within five minutes, so I was tempted to just delete the rest of the show. Instead, I saved it to watch at some later time - which was today.

And I was glad I did! At the very end of the episode, Remington Steele is seen in the office reading the Los Angeles Tribune, which had their case plastered across the front page as the headline.

Of course, the major source for the Los Angeles Tribune is 'Lou Grant', but it also showed up in:

'Burke's Law II'
'Matt Houston'
"The Chinese Typewriter", a TV movie
'Lookwell', a pilot for a show that never got made
and '24', but that's in an alternate universe.
Toby O'B

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