Thursday, September 18, 2008


Actually, it would be vice versa.....

Universal's President of Production, Donna Langley, has said the studio wants to work with Guillermo del Toro (who's booked through 2017) on more "Hellboy" projects - including a TV series and online segments which could be added to the Toobworld version of the "Hellboy" franchise.

Right now, "Hellboy" does have a televersion also played by Ron Perlman in a blipvert that showed him interacting with others from the NBC/Universal stable of Toobworld characters, like 'Chuck' Bartowski. But should a TV series ever come to fruition, I don't think Ron Perlman will be involved in playing the role. Not that he'll be too busy playing Clay in 'Sons Of Anarchy' - I think that's going to be a "one and done" series - but because he may want to only play Hellboy on the big screen and save his demonic mojo for that last hurrah in the movie franchise.

So if there ever should be a Hellboy on TV - and that's a big IF - and he is played by some other actor, I can launch a pre-emptive strike against the Zonk of him being a Recastaway.....

We'll just say that it was due to some alien/mystical/demonic force that caused his facial features to change (and his voice along with it).

Toby O'B

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