Friday, September 19, 2008


In the mid-season finale of 'Burn Notice' this week, Michael Weston was checking out the mysterious fourth floor and realized that Carla's hitman was going to use it as a sniper's nest. His buddy Sam Axe was downstairs, acting as look-out, and was in contact with Mike through his ear-piece.....

"What do you see up there?" asked Sam. "A mastermind petting a Persian cat?"

Of course, Sam was referring to Blofeld, the villain from the James Bond movies. And those are movies in Toobworld as well, even though James Bond existed in the TV Universe.

But TV's Bond, James Bond, was an American operative back in the 50s who was often called Jimmy Bond. We only saw him once on the TV screens, in a 1954 adaptation of "Casino Royale" in an episode of 'Climax'. Barry Nelson played Bond and is officially the first actor in the role.

All of those movies, even the books by Ian Fleming, we can make the claim that they're all based on the exploits in Jimmy Bond's life. (And "Casino Royale" - at least in Toobworld - wasn't published until after the events of that TV show.)

Toby O'B

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