Wednesday, September 17, 2008


According to a new commercial, Sebastian is a romance novel hero who lives in a fantasy world somewhere between desire and heartache. But now he's in the "real world" (but actually in Toobworld, of course) to spread the word about Airborne, a "unique blend of vitamins and nutrients to help support your immune system".

There must be some kind of fissure between the dimensions of Toobworld and the literary universe, because this marks the second incursion into Earth Prime-Time in about as many weeks from the literary universe. In 'Lost In Austen', which
I posted about last week, we saw Elizabeth Bennett leave the world of "Pride & Prejudice" and exchange places with Amanda Price.
Adaptations of novels for Television don't count when it comes to these types of characters. They are distinct from their original versions in the books; they mirror each other for the most part. Sebastian and Elizabeth are the actual characters from the books given form in Toobworld, by crossing the dimensional barrier between the two worlds created by Mankind's imagination.

But what novel could Sebastian be from? I'm not so lost in my own madness that I don't know he was created out of whole loincloth for the blipvert. But who knows?

Anybody familiar enough with such bodice-rippers to know of any book that might have a character who looks like this, going by the name of Sebastian?

If you do, let me know!

See the Airborne commercial here.

Toby O'B

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Markienyc said...

I’m less concerned about his crotch than about his mullet, to be honest.