Thursday, September 18, 2008


I saw the first episode of 'Raising The Bar' when it premiered a few weeks ago and I wasn't impressed. I was kind of bored, and was able to guess a few twists before it ended. But I may have stayed with the show if only Currie Graham wasn't playing Nick Balco as the District Attorney of New York City.

Right now, Jack McCoy is the DA (acting DA, I think) on 'Law & Order'. No matter who held the job in the past on that show, that's who would be the NYC DA for Earth Prime-Time, just from the sheer volume of episodes racked up over the years.

For the purposes of Toobworld, my virtual sandbox where every TV character is part of my army of action figures, I could have accepted Nick Balco as another Executive ADA, or in charge of one particular sub-set of ADA supervisors (if there's even such a thing). In fact, since his office is open to view by everybody else in the communal office, I would have thought Balco is some kind of middle management in the DA's office. But if he is the District Attorney when it should be Jack McCoy holding sway in the top spot, the entire show has to be bagged.

Like I said, I wasn't keen on the show personally, but I've always liked Steve Bochco's work in the past. So I want to make sure we find 'Raising The Bar' a good home, preferably in a nice neighborhood.

So I'm thinking the same alternate TV dimension which houses 'The West Wing', 'Mr. Sterling', and 'Smallville' (because 'The West Wing' couldn't be in a TV dimension in which Clark Kent was already operating as Superman.)

I'll think they'll make 'Raising The Bar' feel at home.

And if 'The West Wing' ever showed a character who was the Manhattan District Attorney or even just mentioned his or her name, no worries. We can just say that since that time, Nick Balco was elected to the job.

And of course, I can easily reverse my decision if it turns out Nick Balco isn't the District Attorney but a glorified office manager.

Toby O'B

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