Thursday, September 18, 2008


Earlier today I wrote about the possibility of "Hellboy" coming to Television, and thus, officially to Toobworld. (He's got a few TV commercials to his credit so far.)

And as I wrote it up, I wondered who might be a good choice to play the demonspawn working for the good guys. Ron Perlman plays him in the movie franchise, but I don't think he'd want to be tied down under all of that make-up, week after week in order to do a TV series.

Later in the day I finally got around to finishing off the run of 'Generation Kill' and it was in the ranks of Bravo Company marines that I found the actor who might be a good fit for the role of Hellboy.

Meet Marc Menchaca.

Getting the chance to play Hellboy could be a big step to stardom for Menchaca. Aside from playing Gunnery Sgt. Mike "Gunny" Wynn in 'Generation Kill', there isn't that much of note yet in his resume. "Business Guy" on an episode of 'Guiding Light'; "Store Assistant" in the TV movie "Beyond The Prairie, Part Two"; even the episode he did for 'Arrest And Trial' doesn't give him much of a name - "Junior"

And his movie roles don't fare much better - Interrogator, University Cop, Shipping Clerk.

He's young though, plenty of time for him to fill out his resume.

So I think he'd jump at the chance to play Hellboy!

And look at this picture of Marc Menchaca as Gunny in 'Generation Kill':

Doesn't it remind you of the way Hellboy shaves down his horns?

Just sayin', is all......

Toby O'B

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