Tuesday, October 2, 2007


That should be a slightly obscure Toobworld reference.....

Stanford University got quite a spotlight for itself during the first (official) week of the new TV season with mentions in two series debuts and a season premiere, but I'm not sure any of it was good for the school's reputation.

'Boston Legal' - For the returning series, Shirley Schmidt rescinded her hefty donation to the school once she found out that one of the major oil companies was making a similar donation which could have tainted the results of the school's exploration into alternative fuel resources. And so Stanford ended up taking Shirley to court to force her to make the donation.

'Reaper' - An application to Stanford made by Sam Oliver's brother was rejected by the school. They had their chance to get the brother of the Devil's Reaper as an undergrad and they blew it. (I wonder if the Devil might intervene to get him in so that Sam will remain a happy "employee"?)

'Chuck' - Chuck Bartowski had been a student at Stanford, but his roommate Bryce Larkin did something to get Chuck expelled. Plus he stole Chuck's college girl-friend. And I think of the two, Chuck was more upset about the latter.

Over the years I've collected fictional references to Yale University, just because it's a Connecticut school. But it does seem like Harvard and Yale have had more than their fair share of alumni from Toobworld. So maybe it's time schools like Stanford get a piece of the action.

And where's the love for my alma mater, UConn? The only Toobworld character I know of who attended the school would be Rebecca Howe of 'Cheers'.

Toby OB
Class of '77


Ivan G said...

Not all that obscure--you're referring to Stafford Repp, Chief O'Hara on the Batman series.

(I don't always get all the references...I just lucked out on this one.)

Toby said...

Oh, I knew there'd be no fooling with my like-minded cathode compadres like you, Brent, Rob, and the rest. It was really an easy one for us.

(And it was an obvious attempt to generate comments! LOL)