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There are many candidates for membership in the TV Crossover Hall of Fame, quite a list that's backing up since on average there is only one new inclusion each month. (In June, there are also the inductees of the Birthday Honors List.) Many of them are kept on hold until a time that is fitting and appropriate to salute them.

Or, as is the case this month, to honor their memory.....
On December 12th of last year, Peter Boyle passed away. His best-known contribution to the pantheon of Toobworld characters will be Frank Barone, whom he portrayed in over 200 episodes of 'Everybody Loves Raymond'. But he also played Frank Barone in episodes of 'Cosby' and 'The King Of Queens'. So having fulfilled the requirements of playing the same role in three different TV series (or TV movies or commercials), Frank Barone could have been installed at any time in the Hall of Fame.

I chose this month, however, because October is the traditional month in which TV characters with a connection to horror are inducted. And within the context of the Barone family, Frank was something of a monster.

Ken Levine, a writer, producer, and director, worked with Boyle on 'Everybody Loves Raymond'. And he had this to say about the actor: "Depending on the project, truly one of the funniest or scariest actors on the planet."

And let's face it, it may be the TV Universe that's of concern around these parts, but who can forget Peter Boyle's monstrous performances in 'Young Frankenstein' and 'Joe'.

It's a small honor, but 'twill serve. For the month of October, 2007, Frank Barone has been granted entry into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame.

As Frank would say, "Holy crap!"

'Everybody Loves Raymond'
'Cosby' - "Lucas Raymondicus"
'The King Of Queens' - "Road Rayge"

And as the year draws closer to its end, here is the list of other inductees for the year of 2007:

January - Johnny Carson `
February - Florence Johnston
March - Lou Grant
April - The Doctor
May - Sarah Jane Smith
June - Charlie Pace & Oceanic Airways
B'Day - Brigadier Alister Lethbridge-Stewart
July - Bret Maverick
August - K9 & TARDIS
September - Russell T. Davies

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