Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I've already seen the pilot for 'Pushing Daisies' at the ABC Preview Party held at the Paley Center for Media, about a month ago. But I intend to watch it again tonight because I enjoyed it that much.

Within the context of Toobworld, just the look of the show alone seems to set it apart from the rest of the TV Universe. Its rich colors and surreal tone make it more of a fairy tale than part of the tele-reality we've come to expect from our TV shows. But live productions with their stage-bound atmosphere and dated shows in black and white from the early days of Television seem equally out of place and yet they are all embraced into the same universe.

I think there's a theoretical link that can be made for 'Pushing Daisies' already, even though everything about it seems to bar any chance for crossovers with other ABC shows. Part of the reasoning for my link idea stems from the fact that Bryan Fuller created the show - he also created 'Heroes', in which ordinary people discovered that they had extraordinary talents.

I think it's possible that Ned's ability to bring the dead back to life may be one of those powers. I wouldn't be surprised if some day Dr. Mohinder Suresh showed up at the Pie Hole restaurant to examine Ned. As he is the one character in 'Heroes' who moves about the world freely, he'd be the most likely candidate anyway. I don't think we're ever meant to find out exactly what big city is the location for the Pie Hole.

Bryan Fuller also created 'Wonderfalls', and should Ned and his untouchable love Chuck ever make it to Niagara Falls, perhaps they might make a stop in that magical emporium.

And he also was the guiding force behind 'Dead Like Me', which is where the idea for 'Pushing Daisies' was originally meant to flower. (Sorry about that, Chief.) There was supposed to be a sub-plot in which George would find out that one of the souls she reaped was put back into a dead body come back to life. Instead, the premise for that one episode has instead become an entire series of its own.

Like I said, I don't expect to see any crossovers with current ABC shows, but the appearance of a reaper, or a talking tchochke, would not be that odd to me.

Toby OB

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