Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Back on May 5th of 1979, President Jimmy Carter was scheduled to speak to a Cinco de Mayo celebratory crowd in the civic center mall of Los Angeles. But less than fifteen minutes before the speech was about to begin, the Secret Service noticed and detained a suspicious man who then confessed to being part of a four-man plot to assassinate the President. The man's name was Raymond Lee Harvey and he claimed that he and another man named Osvaldo Espinosa-Ortiz were supposed to create a diversion so that two other men would have clear access to shoot Jimmy Carter from a different angle.

And yet even though he confessed to this plot, and incriminating evidence was discovered at the motel where the other two men were staying, Raymond Lee Harvey was released when the charges were dismissed.

Forget about the fact that his name was "Lee Harvey" and the other guy was named Osvaldo - Osvaldo/Oswald...... The fact that somebody confessed to being part of an assassination conspiracy substantiated by hard evidence.... Well, there must have been a conspiracy behind all of that.

And at least in Toobworld, apparently there was.

A lot of buzz will probably be generated over Monday night's episode of 'Chuck' when he started spouting some of the secrets he had downloaded into his brain. That's because he started talking about who shot down Oceanic Flight 815, the infamous flight of the TV series 'Lost'.

But he also mentioned an assassination attempt against Jimmy Carter. I had never heard about Raymond Lee Harvey and the events of May 5, 1979, so I thought I might look around TV programming which ran during the Carter administration. I thought I might find something that could be spun into a connection to an assassination attempt against Carter.

However, now it looks like the secret file in Chuck Bartowski's brain may have been referring to the real-world events from May 5, 1979, and that there was probably more to the story than the general populace will ever know.

The general populace in Toobworld, that is. The same is probably true for the real world as well, but that's not of concern here at Toobworld Central. I try to steer clear of that place!

Toby OB

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