Thursday, October 4, 2007


Justin Timberlake was name-checked last night in the second episode of 'Dirty Sexy Money'. Apparently Jeremy Darling wrote a song with him and wanted Nick George, the Darling Family lawyer, to help him in getting it copyrighted. Later, he used Timberlake as an excuse to his twin sister Juliet to cover for a phone call from a girl he lusted after - who just happened to be Juliet's "frienemy".

References to famous people count when it comes to the League of Themselves. If a fictional character relates an anecdote about their interaction with a famous person, then that adds to that celebrity's televersion credentials.

But Justin Timberlake's existence in Toobworld doesn't hang by a reference on 'Dirty Sexy Money'. He appeared as himself in two different sitcoms, 'Clueless' and 'Sabrina The Teenage Witch'.

In 1999, Timberlake appeared with 'NSync at Cher Horowitz' birthday party which ended with Sean, Murry, and Adam in the hospital. That same year, 'NSync played a club in Massachusetts and Sabrina used her magic to whip up a fake ID card so that she and Valerie could get inside to see them.

All of those other appearances on TV by Justin Timberlake over the years - concerts, talk shows, variety programs, award presentations, - don't really count towards League of Themselves membership, but they do add flavoring to the life of his televersion.

Especially that Super Bowl appearance with Janet Jackson!

Toby OB

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