Sunday, September 30, 2007


With its debut episode, 'Moonlight' linked itself to 'Veronica Mars'. The new series is about a vampire in Los Angeles working as a private investigator - true, a combination of 'Angel' and 'Forever Knight', but I think the premise could stand another in the field. And vampire Mick St. John's case in the premiere was that of a murdered coed from Hearst College.

This is the same college which Veronica and her friends attended in the final scene of 'Veronica Mars'.

For that show, Hearst College was located not far outside the environs of Neptune, California. In 'Moonlight', I suppose it was to be assumed that Hearst was in Los Angeles. But there was nothing I noticed that nailed that down. It could be that the victim, Kelly Foster, commuted down to Neptune for classes.

Or it could be that Hearst College had several campuses. I went to the University of Connecticut - my first year at the Hartford branch, the next three in Storrs. UConn also has campuses in Waterbury, down near Groton and at least two others (I think). The same situation could have applied here.

"Buzzwire" reporter Beth Turner went undercover at Hearst to learn more about the victim and her connection to Professor Christian Ellis, whose specialty was in mythological anthropology and who taught a course on vampire lore. That's a picture of her wearing a Hearst College cap.......

I liked the show, not that it matters. There had been a lot of troubles in reshooting the pilot to accommodate a new cast, so I won't judge it on that. I think it will shake out the glitches as the season progresses. But in the meantime, it's already found itself a home in the TV Universe by using Hearst College.

Toby OB

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