Saturday, September 29, 2007


Must be 'Reaper' Day in our Toobworld Fall Season Guide!

Although it was never stated explicitly in the series, it is believed that 'Dead Like Me' takes place in Seattle. With its first episode, the new series 'Reaper' is definitely situated in the "Emerald City" - Sam Oliver's brother was reading a Seattle newspaper in one of the opening scenes.

In 'Dead Like Me', Christine Willes played George's boss at the temp agency, Delores Herbig - as in "her big" brown eyes - and she appeared in the 'Reaper' pilot as well. She was Gladys, the Devil's minion at the DMV, which of course is literally Hell on Earth.

Even though 'Dead Like Me' is canceled as a series, it will be coming back as a direct-to-DVD movie next year. So the DMV clerk and Delores can't be one and the same, with "Gladys" being an alias. Besides, Delores hardly seems like the type to be making deals with the Devil or committing any sin that might get her soul sent packing to Hell. But despite her horns, Gladys did look enough like Delores to suggest that they might be related.

Sadly, I think the Devil's Minion at the DMV is Delores' Mom!


I've only just started watching 'Dead Like Me' and so far I don't remember any mention of Delores' parents being still alive, nor what their names might have been. And we've seen in other shows - like 'Maverick', 'The Brady Bunch', 'The Odd Couple', 'Wiseguy', and 'F Troop' - that a parent could look exactly like their offspring.

So here's my theory of "relateeveety" - Gladys Herbig made a deal with the devil and is now paying it off by being his servant at the DMV. Of course, it could have been a situation like Sam's, in which her parents bartered away her soul which the Devil collected after she began her own family. (He probably conscripted her into service when she was about the same age as her daughter Delores is now and that's why she still looks to be that age.)

According to Ms. Willes' profile at the
William Davis Centre, it looks as though her role as Gladys will be recurring on 'Reaper'. If we don't learn too much more about her personal life and background, then this theory should hold up......

Toby OB

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Brent McKee said...

Toby, while you've been focusing on Reaper you might not have noticed Friday's episode of Moonlight. One of the clues to the identity of the first murder victim was a parking pass to Hearst College. This is of course the same college that Veronica Mars attended along with Logan Echolls. Logan bears a stunning resemblance to hedge fund trader and 400 year old vampire Josef Constantin (they're both played by Jason Dohring).