Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I promised myself after I got the new computer that I wouldn't be purchasing any more boxed sets of TV series until I amortized the cost of "Artemus".

I've broken that vow three times over and the first shipment arrived today.

'THE FALL GUY' - first season boxed set
This is the item that led me to break that vow. It's not like I had to have it - I had only seen maybe two episodes at best when it was on the air. (One about the Lone Ranger and one with Richard Burton) But Amazon sent me an email with a really tempting offer - about 13 bucks for the set. And I figured, well, I may as well get a few more....

'BARNEY MILLER' - first season boxed set
I feel guilty about this one. Apparently sales were so tepid for this set in the beginning that any future plans to release the later seasons were cancelled. That means we'll never get to see Arthur Dietrich in all his sardonic glory. But who knows? Maybe if the cumulative sales finally reach a figure the company is happy with, they'll ship the next season.

'WKRP In Cincinnatti' - first season boxed set
I heard all the reasons why this collection is bad, regarding the lack of the original music used in scenes. But when I weighed that against the chance to see these episodes unedited for length, it mattered more to me that I'd still be able to enjoy the acting and the scripted word.

I still have two other shipments coming: one from Disney and one from Jolly Old. (Can't wait to see my credit card statement on that - it's the first time I ever charged pounds to my card!)

Toby OB

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