Monday, September 24, 2007


It looks like 'The Minor Accomplishments Of Jackie Woodman' will have to be shuttled off to some alternate TV dimension, one in which the Governor of California is not Arnold Schwarzenegger but instead Lee Majors.

Just as well, considering he Zonked off with the references to his past role as 'The Six Million Dollar Man'.

The funny thing was, in a truly logical world, choosing a home-grown TV action hero to be governor over an Austrian ex-patriate movie star who used to be a body-builder and who still struggles with the English language would have made more sense.

But then again, what do I know about making sense?

So it's off to the hinterlands with 'Jackie Woodman', which in no way diminishes how much fun the show is. Besides, all of those other dimensions were in serious need of TV series to fill out their populations!

Toby OB
"The Truth is as subjective as Reality."
Jose Chung
'The X-Files'

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