Tuesday, October 2, 2007


'Cane' returns tonight for its second episode, but I won't be. I'm not going back to Playa Azul, Florida, until such time - if any! - one of the Sweeps periods comes along and 'Cane' has a crossover with 'CSI: Miami'.

And I'm thinking they may have to do that before the season is through. Since network executives (May they be nibbled to death by ducks!) have itchy trigger fingers when it comes to the kill-switch for TV shows, I bet CBS may try to pull a crossover off for the November Sweeps.

And considering the events at the end of last week's episode of 'Cane' and what's promised for tonight, I think this is one crossover that would be a perfect fit. But until then, I'm outta town.

Toby OB

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