Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I wrote about Christine Willes' appearance on 'Reaper' as the Devil's Minion two weeks ago, suggesting that she could be the late mother of Dolores Herbig (as in "her big brown eyes") from 'Dead Like Me'.

Just thought you might like to see what she looks like as the Seattle DMV clerk.....

Toby OB

(Still getting used to what my new computer "Artemus" is capable of!)

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Sean said...

Yeah, I would say that's her mother... and considering what we know about Dolores' younger years from Dead Like Me, I wouldn't be surprised if this woman raised her.

The Cocaine addiction, the tattoos...true those are some of the most hilarious moments in DLM, the contrast between this prim woman and her checkered past, but what I love about Dolores is that she has overcome some very serious demons in her past.

True, she confronts those demons with bowling... but we're not all into traditional group therapy.

She must have put poor little Dolores through some pretty terrible things... (She even gave her a name that means "sorrowful")

she deserves the DMV for all eternity!

"Think of bowling as 2½ hours a week where you won't have to think about sucking blow through a bendy straw off a fast food restroom sink"
--Doloris Herbig