Saturday, October 13, 2007


Here was Frank's splainin as to why Jerry couldn't take a shift working the desk in the emergency room on 'ER':

"Didn't you hear? He moved to Alaska. He’s slinging pitchers of beer somewhere outside of Anchorage."

This was an in-joke reference to the fact that Abraham Benrubi, who played Jerry Marcovic, was now on the TV show 'Men In Trees' as Ben Jackson.
Unfortunately, this doesn't mean that we can take it as a Toobworld connection between the two shows. In the timeline for the TV Universe, the lives of Ben Jackson and Jerry Marcovic overlap - Ben had been already established in the town of Elmo, Alaska, while Ben was still in Chicago, Illinois.

It would have been nice to make the characters one and the same so that we could have a link between both shows, but it's just not to be. They could be identical cousins, however.....


Toby OB

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