Sunday, October 7, 2007


Kristin Sample of TVSquad (link to the left) has taken the time to transcribe the entry from Tripp Darling's journal, as seen in this week's episode of 'Dirty Sexy Money'. And this is what he wrote on the page that we saw:

This is a day to reckon with:

All alone: What's going on?
Tish not here this morning!
Cook still did not do the brocolli (sic) right.
[symbol: a circle with a cross through it] I've told him.
John nicked me when shaved me!
I fear the death of Dutch has left her with more ...

And that's where it ends.

It's probably not worthy of analysis like the minutiae to be found on 'Lost', but any trivia that helps expand the basics of Toobworld is always appreciated. So my thanks to Ms. Sample for making the effort.

Toby OB

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