Tuesday, October 9, 2007


During my break at work last night, I watched an episode of 'The Saint', "The Man Who Gambled With Life" (Episode Number: 116 Season Num: 6 First Aired: January 26, 1969, as TV.com informs me.)

Near the end of the episode, Simon Templar was attempting to escape the grounds of the Longman estate with Stella Longman. He was knocked to the ground by one of the guards, who soon joined him because of a karate chop delivered by Stella.

"I learned that on television!" Stella crowed.

"Keep your voice down, Mrs. Peel!" 'The Saint' admonished her.

Now, for us watching at home, this was a combined joke. Harry Junkin, who wrote the script, must have meant that Stella had been watching 'The Avengers', and Templar was meant to pick up on the reference by calling her "Mrs. Peel".

But that reality is outside the realm of Toobworld. For the inner reality of the TV Universe, this is how it should play out:

'The Saint' and 'The Avengers' share the same world, so whatever program (or programme) Stella was watching, it couldn't have been 'The Avengers'. But when Templar saw the move she used, it reminded him of Emma Peel's style.

I find it easy to believe that Simon Templar's path crossed with that of Emma Peel during her time working with John Steed. And they probably would have found that they had a lot in common, both being talented amateurs after all. I could also see the Saint trying to put the moves on Mrs. Peel, but she would have been able to rebuff his advances in her teasing, flirty manner.

There was plenty more about that particular episode of 'The Saint' which is of televisiological interest, but that's for another day.....

Toby OB

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