Wednesday, October 10, 2007


While watching this week's episode of 'Chuck' ("Chuck Versus The Tango"), I got to thinking about that old comic book series, "Marvel Team-Up". You may know how it went with each issue: two heroes from the Marvel Universe mistake each other for the villain and fight each other before teaming up to battle the real villain.

I was thinking about this during the hot catfight on the roof (Take that, Tennessees Williams & Moltisanti!) between Sarah and La Ciudad.

I know. Two hot chicks duking it out and I'm thinking about comic books. Something's seriously wrong with me......

But I can't control it when the Toobworld Imperitave takes over. That scene got me thinking that I'd like to see Sarah get into it hot and heavy with Fiona, the gun-crazy ex-girlfriend from 'Burn Notice'. (Okay, maybe I'm not so abnormal after all!) They could fight each other before realizing they had a common enemy and then they'd go after him/her.

It's a crossover that has a slim pozz'bility of attainment since technically 'Chuck' and 'Burn Notice' are both NBC productions. However, 'Chuck' is broadcast from the Peacock Throne while 'Burn Notice' airs on the USA Network. Still with NBC raising the visibility bar for USA by shifting 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent' over to its domain, maybe this type of crossover might help bring some more eyeballs as well.

If not, I've still got my imagination to work with, and that type of scenario could be developed into a mental mini-series..........

BCnU (in my dreams, Ladies!)
Toby OB


"I'm just two drinks away from girl on girl action!"
Dennis Finch
'Just Shoot Me'

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Anonymous said...

It's just so absurd! I love it!