Friday, October 12, 2007


It took three episodes, but we got confirmation that DL Hawkins did indeed die from his gunshot wounds at the end of last season. His widow and son, Niki Sanders and Micah Hawkins, were seen visiting his grave.

"Daniel Lawrence Hawkins 1975 - 2007
Husband - Father - Hero"

I was kind of hoping his middle name might have been "Luther". That would have made my theory of relateeveety easier to present.

See, I'm thinking that DL has an older cousin by the name of Luther Hawkins, who was a physician's assistant in Boston twenty years before. During the 1990s, Luther went to medical school on the isle of Jantique.

I'm thinking he made it as a doctor, and if the picture to the right is any indication, I'd say he's doing pretty well for himself in that regard!

'St. Elsewhere'
'Going To Extremes'

Toby OB

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