Wednesday, October 10, 2007


TV commercials are as vital a part of the TV Universe as are TV series, mini-series, and TV movies. So there was an interesting addition to the resume of Dennis Hopper's tele-version tonight with a blipvert for T-Mobile's Hotspot @ Home. Thanks to his long conversations with his roommate's mother, a guy found out his roommate's godfather was the legendary actor. (Pictured here are the two dudes in that blipvert, but seen in an earlier commercial.)

Earlier this year, Dennis Hopper appeared in an episode of 'Entourage' ("Malibooty"), in which he led Vince Chase down the dark path of sports betting. Hopper exists in the Tooniverse, when he showed up in Arlen, Texas, in "Hank's Got The Willies", a 1997 episode of 'King Of The Hill'.

That T-Mobile blipvert showed up about 25 minutes into 'Pushing Daisies'. And as a bit o' serendipiteevee, Dennis Hopper showed up in another one of his Ameriprise commercials fifteen minutes later. That doesn't really count towards Hopper's catalogue of televersion appearances when it comes to requirements for the TV Crossover Hall of Fame, but can serve as flavoring for the list. (Those Ameriprise ads would have counted if there was more of a fictional element to them than his serlinguistic skills. The T-Mobile ad does count.)

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