Thursday, February 22, 2007


It looks like 'ER' wanted to promote a member of the NBC Family, but at the same time it didn't want to appear as if they shared the same universe.

After striving to save a cheerleader in the emergency room, one of the doctors muttered, "Save the cheerleader, save the world."

Of course, this was the catchphrase that was prominent in 'Heroes' up to the Thanksgiving episode. Thanks to the intervention of Future Hiro, the various 'Heroes' were instructed to "save the cheerleader; save the world", which was a reference to Claire Bennett and the danger she faced from the murderous Sylar.

But this 'ER' doctor should have had no knowledge of that since he wasn't involved in the quest to save Claire. And since he and Claire exist in the same TV universe (with him in Chicago and the Bennett family in Odessa, Texas), I can't allow it to be passed off as a Zonk in which he was just quoting a TV slogan.

So I'm thinking that what he uttered was just a little pearl of wisdom that he dreamed up. He had reached that state of exhaustion which lowered his defenses and opened him up to a newfound clarity. And the idea that saving the cheerleader was equal to saving the world was born of that cleared vision.

She may have been just one cheerleader, but her existence plays a part in the unified community of the Earth. Or some such bullbleep that a yogi could have told him just as well.

Actually the yogi probably could have splained it better, since everybody knows that yogis are smarter on average....


Thanks to Dan Jardine for pointing this Zonk out.....

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